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Accelerating Health Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

13 October, 2021

This is a statement made at the 68th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean on Accelerating Health Emergency Preparedness and Response in the EMRO Region.    Honourable Chair, Distinguished Delegates, The World Heart Federation welcomes the opportunity to address the Regional Committee on one of the most critical subjects of our time. […]

Global Coalition for Circulatory Health calls for major investment in circulatory health to help prevent the next pandemic

12 October, 2021

In a new Position Paper, Preventing the Next Pandemic: The Case for Investing in Circulatory Health, the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health is calling for increased investment in circulatory health in order to prepare for, or even prevent, the next pandemic. This past year has united us in facing a truly global challenge, but it […]

Global health community calls for climate action ahead of COP26 to avert “biggest health threat facing humanity”

11 October, 2021

GENEVA (11 October 2021) –  The World Heart Federation has joined a global call to action for governments to update their national climate commitments under the Paris Agreement, in line with their fair share of limiting warming to 1.5°C. The call comes ahead of the UN climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow, UK as more than 300 […]

WHF Emerging Leader to lead new Institute for Public Health and Wellbeing at University of Essex

6 October, 2021

Global health expert and WHF Emerging Leader Professor Mariachiara Di Cesare has been appointed Founding Director of the new Institute for Public Health and Wellbeing at the University of Essex. Prof Di Cesare has interdisciplinary work experience in both academia and international organisations. Her research in population health uses and integrates concepts, data and methods […]

World Heart Grants winners 2021 announced

5 October, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the 20 WHF Member organizations that have been selected to receive a World Heart Grant of up to USD 2,000. Funded programmes support organizational capacity-building projects, online activities for healthcare professionals, media campaigns and initiatives promoting World Heart Day in their local communities. World Heart Grant Recipients and Projects: Argentine […]

From small steps to systemic shifts: Living with obesity in Bulgaria

5 October, 2021

Desi’s weight fluctuation has plagued her for much of her life, and she’s not alone – over 50% of Bulgarian adults are overweight. But obesity can come with many invisible health risks, like cardiovascular disease. Could systemic changes help bear the burden, making it easier for people like Desi to make a meaningful lifestyle transformation? […]

Insulin Imports Are Not Meeting Countries’ Needs

1 October, 2021

Author: Jillian McKoy, senior writer and editor at the Boston University School of Public Health The discovery of insulin in 1921 was one of the most important breakthroughs in diabetes treatment, but 100 years later, the life-saving medicine is still inaccessible in many parts of the world due to limited production and continued high costs. […]

Improving cardiovascular health through digital care

29 September, 2021

Prof Fausto Pinto, President, World Heart Federation (WHF). From wearable devices to voice-activated medical assistants, the digital sphere is teeming with breakthroughs that can make a difference for the world’s growing incidence of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). If, as the saying goes, “our health is our wealth,” then we must invest in digital healthcare for everyone […]

Heart experts call for millions to benefit from live-saving online services as telemedicine rockets by 40%

29 September, 2021

Download the press release in French | Spanish   Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains biggest killer, claiming 18.6 m lives per year   Geneva, 29 September 2021 – On World Heart Day, 29 September 2021, the World Heart Federation (WHF) is calling on the international community to bring digital cardiovascular health services to millions worldwide in […]

The Lancet publishes article on digital health and cardiovascular disease on World Heart Day

29 September, 2021

To mark World Heart Day on 29 September, renowned medical journal The Lancet has published an article on digital health and cardiovascular disease co-authored by World Heart Federation President Prof Fausto Pinto and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Luc Eiselé, among others. The World Heart Federation has been leading the global World Heart Day campaign for more […]

The genes behind sky-high cholesterol and heart disease

24 September, 2021

Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a long name for a genetic condition caused by one or more mutated genes that lead to soaring levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol – the “bad cholesterol.”  Damage to blood vessels from LDL cholesterol causes heart attacks early in life. FH spells trouble for the estimated 34 million people affected […]