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Roadmap for Digital Health in Cardiology

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More than half a billion people worldwide are living with cardiovascular disease.

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles, poor diets and a rise in tobacco use – all key risk factors for cardiovascular disease – mean this number will continue to grow unless we can implement effective interventions that support CVD prevention and improve care.

Digital health technologies can help us address the challenges that health systems are facing today. They can empower patients and health providers, promote universal health services coverage, improve long-term patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

However, a range of fundamental barriers can obstruct the successful implementation of digital health interventions. Factors such as digital illiteracy, limited access to the Internet and the affordability of technologies create a “digital divide”, which exacerbates already existing inequalities in access to digital health technologies and their potential benefits.

In our Roadmap for Digital Health in Cardiology, we identify these barriers and provide evidence-informed solutions to overcome them, including the establishment of national e-Health guidelines, the engagement of key stakeholders, education of the health workforce and patients, and the improvement of regulatory standards

The Roadmap acts as a key reference document for policymakers, healthcare professionals, and patient advocates who are working to implement digital health strategies to drive meaningful change and reduce the burden of CVD in their communities.

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