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WHD Stories

Here are some of the real-life stories that took place during World Heart Day 2023.


How did you celebrate World Heart Day 2023? Let us know!




World Hearth Days in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina 2022

"I used ♥ to: Cross walk, International Scientific Symposium, Walk to the hill"

Baniyas City School Heart day!

"I used ♥ to: inspire students for healthy lifestyle!"

youtube video

Croí marks World Heart Day

"I used ♥ to: educate and empower individuals, families and communities to take control of their heart health and to make and maintain the changes that can lead to a longer and healthier life."

Iss World Heart Day Per Ayein Dil ki Baat Sunein

"I used ♥ to: carry out innovative campaign around World Heart Day to create awareness about heart diseases"

World Heart Day 2022 in Isfahan, Iran

"I used ♥ to: I used my heart to promote humanity"

World Heart Day 2022 Events JCVA

"I used ♥ to: generate “USE HEART T-Shirt, and promote World Heart Day through events, Twitter and YouTube"

National Heart Week/World Heart Day 2022

"I used ♥ to: educate Singaporeans to take steps to lower their blood cholesterol"


"I used ♥ to: my heart humanity, nature, I used it for myself and my loved ones..."

World Heart Day

World Heart Day

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