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Shine for World Heart Day

Every year, we ask monuments around the world to light up red on 29 September to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, the world’s number one killer.

Several iconic landmarks across the globe have joined our efforts in previous campaigns: from the Jet d’Eau in Switzerland and the Sky Tower in New Zealand to the Niagara Falls in Canada and the Pyramids in Egypt. In 2024, we are connecting the world by reaching out to iconic monuments and encouraging them to shine a light for heart health.

Planning on turning a landmark red? Submit the details for the landmark to feature it on our map.

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Help us turn a monument red!

If there is a landmark in your area that you would like to help illuminate for World Heart Day, please contact the landmark directly or email us at [email protected] for help. Join us, spread the word and help us light up the world red on 29 September!

Iconic monuments illuminate every year to support World Heart Day

Are you planning on turning a monument red in 2024? Let everyone know! Add the details of your landmark below, press ‘Submit’ and you will see your landmark featured on our map. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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