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Our Global Partners

Using Heart together, because every heartbeat matters

World Heart Day is proud to partner with the Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly Alliance.

Our global partners help us tirelessly in our movement to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) around the world.

This World Heart Day, we’ve joined forces to make World Heart Day more powerful than ever. With their support, we are raising awareness and encouraging individuals, families, communities and governments to drive the CVD agenda and help people live longer, better, more heart-healthy lives.

The World Heart Federation (WHF) wishes to thank our official global partners for their collaboration and support.

The Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly Alliance are driven to transform care for people with cardio-renal-metabolic conditions, a group of interconnected disorders that affect more than one billion people worldwide and are a leading cause of death.

The cardiovascular, renal and metabolic systems are interconnected, and share many of the same risk factors and pathological pathways along the disease continuum. Dysfunction in one system may accelerate the onset of others, resulting in progression of interconnected diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and kidney disease, which in turn leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular death. Conversely, improving the health of one system can lead to positive effects throughout the others.

This World Heart Day, they are proud to continue to support the World Heart Federation. Through their research and treatments, their goal is to support people’s health, restoring the balance between the interconnected cardio-renal-metabolic systems and reducing their risk of serious complications. As part of their commitment to those whose health is jeopardized by cardio-renal-metabolic conditions, they will continue embracing a multidisciplinary approach towards care and focusing our resources on filling treatment gaps.

Over the years, Arawana has been adhering to the four business concepts of integrity, innovation, quality and service, paying attention to everyone, meeting every taste demand, bringing every sense of safety, and calling on people all over the world to care for cardiovascular health.

Arawana and World Heart Federation will work closely to arouse Chinese people’s attention to cardiovascular health, and by actively carrying out activities to popularize the harm caused by cardiovascular disease to the body and the importance of heart health, pay attention to and help people with high risk of heart disease.

This partnership will actively promote caring for cardiovascular health, expand opportunities for understanding, learning, and sharing cardiovascular prevention and control, and help people achieve a longer and better lives with a focus on health justice and access to heart health care for all.

We are also thankful for the global support of: